The Ashburnham-Westminster Teachers Association (AWTA) represents the majority of employees who work in the Ashburnham-Westminster Schools. For the past forty years, the Association has been a major force in the improvement of the working conditions and respect received by the teachers in the district. The AWTA also seeks to unify and strengthen the teaching profession and promote conditions necessary to support teaching as a profession. The AWTA enables members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and presents the individual and common interests and concerns to the appropriate authority.

The local negotiates with the School Committee to formulate a binding collective bargaining agreement ensuring that the security, benefits and protections achieved will be enforceable. The AWTA also provides help and assistance in the many issues that all members face in the profession on a day to day basis. Continued membership in the organization provides members with a strong link to their colleagues on a local, state and federal level, while strengthening the unity of the AWTA.

Working for the welfare of the children and the educational personnel, as well as working toward the advancement and improvement of educational instructional opportunities, is the Ashburnham-Westminster Teachers Association major goal.

The AWTA represents teachers and non-administrative educational personnel. The local has an Executive Board composed of elected officers. The Board meets once a month to discuss issues and concerns of the membership. All members are welcome to attend. In addition, there are a least three general membership meetings each year. The AWTA has a number of standing committees including Professional Rights & Responsibilities (PR & R), Elections and Scholarship.

Ashburnham Westminster
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Ashburnham Westminster
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