Ashburnham Westminster
Teachers Association

As a member of AWTA, MTA and NEA, you would be entitled to receive the following services and benefits.  These services and benefits are not available to agency fee payers, and agency fee payers are not charged for them.

   1. MTA provides free legal services to members in need of advice and legal representation in the following areas.  As an agency fee payer, you would not be entitled to free legal representation for:
         1. Defending against your dismissal or suspension under the Education Reform Act of 1993
         2. Defending yourself against child abuse charges filed with the Department of Social Services
         3. Assisting you in bringing criminal charges if you are assaulted at work
         4. Any employment discrimination (age, sex, race, religion, sexual preference, national origin, handicap, etc.)
         5. Unemployment benefits
         6. Retirement benefits
         7. Violation of your civil rights as an employee
         8. Workers' compensation
         9. Open meeting law violations adversely affecting you
        10. Violations of your right to privacy

   2. MTA/NEA members are covered by an insurance policy which provides $1,000,000 in coverage to protect you in the event you are sued in connection with your employment under terms specified in the Educators Employment Liability Policy.  Agency fee payers are excluded from coverage under this policy.

   3. MTA/NEA members who are charged with crimes which are alleged to have occurred in the course of their employment, are entitled to assistance from MTA in defraying the legal costs they incur in defending against those charges.  Members who are acquitted of criminal charges will also be reimbursed for up to $35,000 in criminal defense fees.  Agency fee payers receive no MTA assistance when facing criminal charges.

   4. MTA provides its members access to reduced-fee legal services for non-employment legal problems.  Under its Attorney Referral Program, MTA provides members with up to three free half-hour consultations for general legal advice and up to 30% fee reduction in legal matters including real estate, domestic relations, wills and estates, consumer protection and motor vehicle violations.  Agency fee payers may not participate in the Attorney Referral Program.

   5. MTA members have the benefit of discount group purchasing of auto and homeowners insurance, life, dental, travel, mortgage refinancing, vision care, tax preparation, disability, tax-sheltered accounts and other services through MTA Benefits.  MTAB's group purchasing could save you hundreds of dollars each year.
Ashburnham Westminster
Teachers Association

Your username for the Members Only area is your name as it appears on your MTA card without your middle initial.  Leave a space between your first and last name.

Your password is your MTA membership number.

If you are having trouble logging in or do not have an MTA card, VISIT THIS WEBSITE and follow the directions for getting assistance.